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An Innovative Therapy

Im folgenden Video stellt Ihnen Dr. Randoll die Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie vor. Inklusive Anwendungsbereiche und Wirkungsweise.

Die Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie ist eine besonders effektive Therapieform, die in erster Linie zur Behandlung von Schmerzen und Bewegungseinschränkungen eingesetzt wird. Die Wirkungen reichen aber sehr viel weiter.

Die nächsten Seminare

An eintägigen Einführungsseminaren erwerben Sie die wichtigsten Grundkenntnisse zur Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie und erlernen die richtige Anwendung. Buchen Sie eines der nächsten 3 Seminare, sofern noch Plätze frei sind:

16.12.2017 93073 Neutraubling
20.01.2018 82194 Gröbenzell
17.02.2018 10178 Berlin

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Die Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie wird auch in der Veterinärmedizin eingesetzt. Melden Sie sich jetzt zu einem veterinär-medizinischen Seminar an!

Find out what therapists say about Matrixmobil

With the development of the Matrixmobil®, the results of Dr. Randoll’s research have found their utilization in daily clinical practice.

The Matrixmobil® is an active therapeutic device with classification class IIa. Since it initial registration in 1998 it is used professionally by nowadays over 3.500 therapists in 28 countries (Up to nine hours daily use).

Matrixmobil® – the extended arm of the therapist

With pleasure we would like to provide you with information about Matrix Rhythm Therapie and Matrixmobil®. Please contact us to order info material.

Matrix Therapists worldwide offer their patients a systemic and holistic medicine:

„What a stethoscope is to a physician, matrixmobil is to an orthopeadican“
Dr. Milind Joshi, Orthopaedic Surgeon, India

„After three weeks treatment with Matrix Rhythm Therapy most of our patients with carpal tunnel syndrome cancelled their surgery.“
Nazimiye Akbey, Physiotherapist, Turkey

„Based on over fify years of experience in the field of sport traumalogy and physical training of high class athletes I can now say for sure, the Matrix Rhythm Therapy is a quick, gentle and effective method for rehabilitation and body optimization.“
Ivan Garabitov, Physiotherapist, Bulgaria

„Since I have been using Matrix Rhythm Therapy, I evidenced a remarkable effectiveness in the treatment of people affected by any desease oft he musculoskeletan system and also a considerable release of all sorts of pain, even chronic.“
Dr. Francesco Aielli, doctor, Italy

Matrix Health Partner®

Matrix Health Partner are physicians, osteopaths, physiotherapists, dentists, medical masseurs who are experts of Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Please read interviews, testimonials and find Matrix Health Partner (available in German)

You need assistance to find an expert in your area? Please contact us.

Are you a Veterinarian or Animal Physical Therapist?

Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is also successfully applied in Veterinary Medicine.

Initially highly accepted as an effective method in equestrian sports, the therapy was also introduced in the area of veterinary surgery. More information about the different indications is available on the left side (see Equine Treatment and Pet Treatment).

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Matrix Rhythm Therapy is also successfully applied in Veterinary Medicine.